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The selling and fitting of batteries

  • A complete range of starter and leisure batteries
  • Fitment and exchange of batteries at any of 120 locations in South Africa
  • A free smart test with our Smart Test battery analyzers
  • A nationwide guarantee

Mobile Call-Out Service

  • Call out service to jump start a battery that has been discharged by an electrical occurrence
  • Fit and supply of a battery at the point of breakdown

Auto Electrical Services offerred at Bellville & Kodec Auto Electrical

  • EFI & engine management systems diagnostic & repair
  • New/exchange alternator & starter motor repair
  • Alarm, immobiliser & central locking systems installation & repairs
  • Gear locks, tow bars, and trailer plugs fitment and repair
  • Car battery testing/charging & replacement
  • Dual battery and battery management systems & repair
  • Wiring & electrical systems maintenance & repair
  • Audio system installation & repairs
  • Car servicing & mechanical repairs
  • Supplying of all auto electrical parts

Air-Conditioning : Re-gassing offerred at Bellville Auto Electrical

  • Complete re-gassing of new air-conditioning systems
  • Topping up of deflated air-conditioning systems

Air-Conditioning : Maintenance & Repair offerred at Kodec Auto Electrical

  • Refrigerant refilling, recovery and recycling
  • Release of air purge
  • Release of oil drain
  • Evacuation sealing vacuum
  • Checking vacuum
  • Finishing
  • Air-conditioned die injector
  • Oil recharge
  • Refrigerant charge

Number Plates

  • Supplying and fitting of number plates to Western Cape vehicles
  • Supplying and fitting of number plates to Government vehicles

Battery services

At Battery Centre, beyond selling batteries, we also offer our customers a wide-range of free services including the following:

  • Battery checks
  • Alternator checks
  • Charging
  • Fitment
  • Recycling

Battery applications include cars, tractors, trucks, busses, marine, leisure, television, radio, caravans, suv and rv batteries.

The automotive EXIDE NANO range come with a 24 month and the commercial EXIDE range come with a 12 month nationwide warranty at any Battery Centre.  As a “Battery Centre Bellville Account Customer” we can also supply your company at any Battery Centre nationwide (subject to their stock availability).  We can deliver batteries purchased in our vicinity to your specified delivery address.  A delivery address outside our vicinity must however be collected from the closest Battery Centre to said address.

RMI Registerred Dealer

RMI Registerred Dealer


RCS Credit accepted for battery purchases

We ACCEPT b-smart cards

We ACCEPT b-smart cards

RMI Registerred Dealer
RCS Credit accepted for battery purchases
We ACCEPT b-smart cards